Why join us and become an Epsilonian?

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Chapters around the globe

Whether you're going to another country for work or leisure, chances are an EPSILONIAN is already there to greet you with open arms.


Lasting friendships

The brotherhood and sisterhood that's formed during college years does not stop after graduation. We find ways to connect wherever we are.


Excel Academically

Yes, some of our brothers and sisters have topped board exams. But we are also driven to help each other to realize our educational aspirations!

Be a Leader. Be a SAE.

Our fraternity welcomes those who have good academic background, leadership potential and those who are willing to undergo the exciting pledgeship process.
In a snapshot, the pledgeship is aimed at helping a potential member excel academically by making sure that all courses are passed with a minimum acceptable grade, nurture leadership skills through planning and implementing socio-civic related activities, just to name a few.
You can checkout the universities and colleges that have an active chapter by visiting our chapter page or leave a message in our contact form.

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It's fun to be an Epsilonian!

Climb mountains with your
brothers and sisters

Going green and help save
the environment

Fun activities at the desert
with one of our alumni chapters

What our members say ...

  SAE community makes me feel that I am LOVED and CARED by wonderful people.

― Zaldy Nardo, Metro Baguio Alumni Chapter

  This community will let you feel at home when you're away from your loved one's. A family where you learn to become responsible and mature citizen.

― Noel Mena, Taguig Alumni Chapter

  SAE is a community where you can have brothers and sisters in an instance. You can really feel that there's always a SAE family that will welcome you wherever you go.

― Maro V. Micabel, Pi Epsilon Chapter

  SAE is like a devoted family, where success is not measured in speed, but in the will to help one succeed. Where trust is not measured when one is standing, but rather when one is failing. And where loyalty is rated, not in quantity but in quality.

― Renato Domingo, Jr., Alpha Zeta Chapter

  The SAE principles have been my guide in making me who I am today.

― Marlo Pepito, Theta Alpha Chapter

  SAE is a big part of my life. My membership made me more confident and it has given me a chance to do community service. Joining SAE wasn't easy for me, but it's all worth it. I am now a collegiate chapter adviser.

― Jozen Anthony de la Peña, Omega Delta Chapter


Our fraternity is against hazing.
We support the Anti-Hazing Law of the Philippines (RA 8049).

One of our founders, Bro Arsenio U. Baquilid penned an article titled "Hazing must be stopped." It was published in the "Opinion" section of Philippine Daily Inquirer's September 22, 2017 issue. You can read the whole article by clicking on the link below.

Founder, Arsenio Baquilid

  The recent death of a UST law student who was a neophyte of Aegis Juris fraternity is a shocking story. It shouldn’t happen because the alumni who are faculty members of UST are lawyers who teach law, and the collegiate members are law students who are learning the law.

Therefore, it is expected that they will not violate Republic Act No. 8049 or the Anti-Hazing Law. Initiation is a mandatory requirement for joining a fraternity. I know it because I am a founder of an international fraternity in the Philippines, the Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Initiation rites test neophytes on their mental, psychological, and social characteristics in accordance with the fraternity’s standard. But it is not to test the applicant’s physical resilience.

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