From left to right:
Arsenio Baquilid, Eutiqio Lumayag, Virginia Alumbaring, Emilio Almazan, Pepito, Gregorio Galinato, Deogracias Navaja, and Fidel Fernandez

Founder in focus:
Brod Gregorio Galinato, PhD., one of the founding members, photographed during his acceptance of SAE-Founder's ring and plaque of appreciation as part of the 50th anniversary celebration. Prior to his retirement from the academe, he served as a professor at Visayas State University.

  We decided to organize a new fraternity, and ΣAE was officially recognized on August 9, 1966 by the approval of the new CMU President, Dr. Amado Campos.

― Arsenio "Gene" Baquilid, Founder

Our Mission

The mission of ΣAE is to teach all members practice living like genuine brothers and sisters and to develop the full potentials of the human resources; intellectually, socially, and spiritually, in order to empower them singly or severally to lead in all aspects of human endeavors both in private and public life.

Our Vision

The vision of ΣAE is to live in a community where all people are HONEST (Obedient, Noble, Enthusiastic, Sincere, and Trustworthy). It is a place where there is no corruption, people are generous, those in power are not greedy, everybody does their work passionately, and leaders use their power for the welfare of everybody, especially those who have less in life.

Our Identity.

sae coat of arms

Coat of Arms

sae flag


sae badge


The Evolution of Our Logo
Current Logo

logo circa 1966
Circa 1966
logo circa 1967
Circa 1967
logo circa 1968
Circa 1968

Golden Anniversary.

On September 9, 2016, we celebrated our 50th founding anniversary. Chapters around the globe joined the celebration of the momentous event. From Singapore to United Kingdom, from Canada to the United States, from Dubai to Saudi Arabia.

Collegiate and alumni chapters, both based in the Philippines and abroad joined together in celebrating the fraternity's milestone.


  We have grown from our humble beginnings 50 years ago and we have flourished by demonstrating a strong commitment to serve our fraternity.

― Dr. Flora Ignacio, Current NSGE


Be a Leader. Be a SAE.

Our fraternity welcomes those who have good academic background, leadership potential and those who are willing to undergo the exciting pledgeship process.

In a snapshot, the pledgeship is aimed at helping a potential member excel academically by making sure that all courses are passed with a minimum acceptable grade, nurture the leadership skills through planning and implementing socio-civic related activities, among others.

You can checkout the universities and collegiates that have an active chapter by visiting our chapter-list page.

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