College Chapters and GEs

Our college chapters can be found in many universities and colleges across the Philippines. Our college members are proud to uphold the three noble values of our organization: Honor, Service, Loyalty.

  • Chapter
  • Alpha Alpha
    Central Mindanao University
  • Alpha Beta
    Bukidnon State College
  • Alpha Gamma
    San Agustine Institute of Technology
  • Alpha Delta
    Cultural Mission Academy
  • Alpha Epsilon
  • Alpha Zeta
    Mountain View College
  • Alpha Eta
  • Alpha Theta
    Quezon Institute of Technology
  • Alpha Iota
    Bukidnon State University-Talakag Campus
  • Beta Alpha
    Gregorio Araneta University Foundation
  • Beta Beta
    Far Eastern University
  • Gamma Alpha
    Andres Soriano College
  • Gamma Beta
    St. Theresa College
  • Gamma Gamma
    San Nicolas Colleges
  • Gamma Delta
    Surigao Del Norte School of Arts and Trades
  • Gamma Epsilon
    Northeastern Mindanao Colleges
  • Delta Alpha
    Bohol Agricultural Colleges
  • Delta Beta
    Bohol Institute of Technology
  • Delta Gamma
    Holy Name University
  • Epsilon Alpa
    Cagayan De Oro College
  • Epsilon Beta
    Xavier University
  • Epsilon Gamma
    Capitol University
  • Epsilon Delta
    Liceo De Cagayan University
  • Epsilon Epsilon
    Mindanao University of Science and Technology
  • Epsilon Zeta
    Bukidnon State University-Alubijid Campus
  • Eta Alpha
    Roxas College
  • Eta Beta
    Romblon State University
  • Theta Alpha
    Mindanao Sate University-Main
  • Theta Beta
    Mindanao State University-IIT
  • Theta Gamma
    St. Peter's College
  • Theta Delta
    Iligan Capitol College
  • Theta Epsilon
    St. Michael's College
  • Iota Alpha
    Urios College
  • Iota Beta
    St. Joseph Institute of Technology
  • Iota Gamma
    Cabadbaran, Agusan
  • Iota Delta
    San Francisco Colleges
  • Iota Epsilon
    Northen Mindanao State Ins. of Sci. Tech
  • Kappa Alpha
    Southern Island Colleges
  • Kappa Beta
    Notre Dame of Marbel College
  • Kappa Gamma
    Mindanao State University-Gensan
  • Kappa Delta
    Mindanao Polytechnic College
  • Lambda Alpha
    Misamis University
  • Lambda Beta
    Medina College
  • Lambda Gamma
    Immaculate Conception College
  • Lambda Delta
    Misamis Institute of Technology
  • Lambda Epsilon
    Oroquieta Agro-Industrial School
  • Lambda Zeta
    Stella Maris College
  • Lambda Eta
    Northwestern Mindanao State College of Sci-Tech
  • Lambda Theta
    Sacred Hearth College
  • Mu Alpha
    Notre Dame of Midsayap College
  • Mu Beta
    Southern Christian Colleges
  • Mu Gamma
    Southern Baptist College
  • Mu Delta
    University of Southern Mindanao
  • Mu Epsilon
    Central Mindanao Colleges
  • Mu Zeta
  • Mu Eta
    Notre Dame University
  • Mu Theta
  • Mu Iota
  • Nu Alpha
    Central Philippine University
  • Nu Beta
    Western Institute of Technology
  • Nu Gamma
    J.B. Lacson Colleges Foundation
  • Chapter
  • Nu Delta
    University of San Agustin
  • Nu Epsilon
    University of Ilo-Ilo
  • Nu Zeta
    Ilo-ilo School of Arts and Trades
  • Nu Eta
    Panay State Polytechnic College
  • Nu Theta
    West Visayas State University-CAF
  • Nu Iota
    West Visayas University-Lambunao
  • Nu Kappa
    Polytechnic State College of Antique
  • Nu Lambda
    Capiz State University
  • Nu Mu
    Northern Ilo-ilo Polytechnic College
  • Nu Nu
    Capiz State University-Roxas
  • Nu Omicron
    Capiz State University-Dumarao
  • Nu Sigma
    Garcia College of Technology
  • Xi Alpha
    South Western University
  • Xi Beta
    University of San Jose Recolletos
  • Xi Epsilon
    University of San Carlos
  • Pi Alpha
    West Negros College
  • Pi Beta
    University of Negros Occidental-Recolletos
  • Pi Gamma
    Ilo-Ilo Maritime Academy
  • Pi Delta
    La Carlota City College
  • Pi Epsilon
    Binalbagan Catholic College
  • Pi Zeta
    Central Philippine Adventist College
  • Pi Eta
    J.B. Lacson Colleges Foundation-Bacolod
  • Pi Theta
    Silliman University
  • Pi Iota
    Kabankalan Catholic College
  • Pi Kappa
    La Consolacion College Bacolod
  • Pi Lambda
    Visayan Maritime Academy
  • Pi Rho
    Mt. Carmel College
  • Pi Sigma
    Bago City College
  • Pi Tau
    Negros Oriental State University
  • Rho Alpha
    University of Mindanao
  • Rho Beta
  • Rho Gamma
  • Rho Delta
    UM-Panabo Junior College
  • Rho Epsilon
    UM-Tagum College
  • Rho Eta
    UM-Digos College
  • Rho Theta
    Univ of Southeast Phil-Otrero
  • Rho Iota
    Davao Oriental State College of Sci-Tech
  • Sigma Alpha
    Visayas State University
  • Sigma Beta
    Southern Leyte State Univ-Main
  • Sigma Gamma
    Biliran National Agricultural College
  • Sigma Delta
    Southern Leyte State Univ-San Juan
  • Sigma Epsilon
    St. Joseph College
  • Sigma Zeta
    Naval Institute of Technology
  • Sigma Eta
    Eastern Samar State University
  • Sigma Theta
  • Sigma Iota
    Palompon Institute of Technology
  • Sigma Kappa
  • Sigma Lambda
  • Tau Alpha
    Adventist Univ. of the Phil.
  • Tau Beta
    Southern Luzon Polytechnic College
  • Omega Alpha
    West Mindanao State University
  • Omega Beta
  • Omega Gamma
  • Omega Delta
    St. Joseph College
  • Omega Epsilon
  • Omega Zeta
  • Omega Eta
    Zamboanga Del Sur Technical Institute
  • Omega Theta
    Dr. Aurelio Memorial College
  • Omega Iota
    Jose Rizal Memorial State College-Dapitan
  • Omega Kappa
    Jose Rizal Memorial State College-Dipolog